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Regular questions & answers are presented here in the FAQs area.

Question-1: What is MealRuners?

Answer: MealRuners provides platform to customers with an easy and secure way to order meals from the best takeaways in their area.

MealRuners app is design to maintain all delivery history & show customer their current balance. Users can check their day to day performance and save time on checking balances.

Question-2: Do you provide 24 hours services?

Answer: Yes, we do provide 24 hours services, but still order processing depends upon restaurants delivery timing.

In the closing hours of a restaurant you can still process your order for later delivery.

Question-3: What kind of restaurants do you provide services for?

Answer: We have a wide range of different restaurant menu that will spoil you for choice. Our list of restaurants on MealRuners, is growing at a rapid pace!

Question-1: Is there any Delivery charges or What is amount of Delivery?

Answer: Depending upon the delivery location and restaurants, some restaurants do charge for the delivery which is added into the bills as amount of Delivery.s

Question-2: How to place an Online Food Order on MealRuners?

Answer: It's way too easy to place orders on MealRuners: i. First, write your location in the search bar to find takeaways near you. ii. Select a restaurant from the list. iii. Select a menu from the list. Confirm your menu and click on Add to Cart button. iv. Now enter your complete address, your phone number and payment method to help us track your order properly.

Question-3: How much time would it take to complete my order?

Answer: It depends upon the time it would take for a restaurant to prepare your order, as restaurants with us always provides you fresh meals and the delivery time. However, you can still track your order with our app.

Question-4: How can I change or cancel my order?

Answer: After placing an order on our platform restaurant will call you to double confirmed the order or for delivering location accuracy. So at that time you can change your order or cancel it. However, we do not have any cancellation policy of an order.

Question-6: What are the Sources for paying my order?

Answer: Generally, restaurants accept cash. But, there are many online payment methods available. You can see on our website that which restaurant accept the online payment and which restaurant accept cash.

Select Cash on Delivery on the checkout page and pay the driver at your doorstep when receiving food.

Select Online Payment on the checkout page. After placing your order you must follow the instructions. Once the payment is confirmed, the order will be transmitted to the restaurant.

Question-7:Why Ordering by phone isn't better than Ordering Online?

Answer: Online ordering at MealRuners gives you some benefits as compared to ordering by phone.

i.You have saved much time for decided what you want to eat today instead of listening to someone speak out the whole menu ii. We can help you make the right choice by providing customer reviews and ratings. iii. If you order on MealRuners, It is not necessary to pay in cash for delivery. You can conveniently and with ease pay online through your credit card. iv. We present a wide range of restaurants and their menus online. You did not have to slot menu of each restaurant or transfix to just one of them. Every day you can search a new restaurant and a new taste. v. You can check out the details of your order history and can easily order them again.

Question-1: How can I Register on MealRuners?

Answer: Follow the procedure to get yourself registered on MealRuners: i. Click on the customer registration option, which is on the left side menu. ii. Fill up the basic registration form. (credit card section is optional) iii. Click on the submit button and get your account verified via SMS code. Enjoy the services. After switching your order you can also register with us by following the above steps. Than, Your order and the delivery address will be saved in your account.

Question-2: What are the Benefits of an account on MealRuners?

Answer: These are some benefits of an account on MealRuners: i. Your old delivery location will be saved so you do not need to write them all again on your second order. ii. You will be notified of any promotion running nearby restaurants. iii. Customer can easily food transaction with multiple restaurants.

Question-3: How can I reset my forgotten password?

Answer: Generally, people already created an account previously, but if you forget your password so, click on 'sign in' at the top of the page of our website. Then, click on 'Forgot Password'. Write down your email address and a password recovery link will be sent to you via email.

Question-1: Have you any Discounts on MealRuners at that time?

Answer: Yes, Mealruners do offer various food delivery discount for our customers.

Question-2: Where is my Order?

Answer: After Giving your Order,we transfer your order to the restaurant & then they start making your order as they always deliver fresh meal to our customers. Our restaurant always tried to deliver your meal on time. But, Sometimes restaurant rider might stuck in traffic jams or due to some rush in their restaurant so, regretabbly may cause late. If it takes too long simply open the online chat and we will check & resolve your issue ASAP.

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We really care about customer support services and guarantee to response to all support topics within 24 hours on weekday (a bit longer over weekend).

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