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Drive with Rydus and earn awesome money as a self-employed entity. Get paid for serving to our group of riders get rides around the city. Work for yourself and find paid in tolls for driving alone timetable.

Gain More Money

Drive as per your requirements and make extra cash to fulfill your dreams. No time limits. Work as per your needs.


Be a Businessman

Ever wished to start your own business? Rydus allows you to fulfill your dreams and work for yourself. Manage your own one of a kind task force.



Rydus is with you on & off the street. Call us when you require us or visit us at our office.

How Rydus Works ?

Rydus Technology Services connect a customers who are in need of a Driver with a simple interface app. Driver arrive at the location of Customer, drop him at his destination and get paid.

you need a Driver, Vehicle, and your CNIC.


Vehicle Ads

We'll help you to post your vehicle promotion on the web. Place a free advertisement for hearing a driver



Partner makes a mutual understanding with a man where chosen all issues about car . At the point when all settlements are satisfy and individual concur all requirements of Partner then he ready to drive his auto for Rydus.


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Contract your own driver or through us to drive your car

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